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Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Social Media Marketing, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Uncategorized | 0 comments

3 Tips for measuring Employee Advocacy program engagement

So much goes into building and sustaining a successful employee advocacy program, yet one of the most commonly overlooked steps is determining how to evaluate and measure the varying degrees of engagement amongst program participants. Without a measurement framework, you will not be able to evaluate against transparent criteria and provide the appropriate level of reward and recognition based on the efforts each individual puts forth.

Here are 3 tips on establishing criteria for measuring Employee Advocacy program engagement: 

    1. Evaluate the degree to which they perform activities aligned with the Employee Advocacy Program’s goals
    2. Evaluate the degree to which employees are engaging in the content (commenting on it, linking to it from their user generated content i.e. blog posts) and the degree they’re sharing it with their networks
    3. Evaluate the degree to which employees demonstrate ongoing interest in being part of and advancing the program, this could demonstrated by consistently attending to program update calls, active participation in communities, providing peer-to-peer mentoring support to colleaguesFigure 5.11

For more guidance on measurement approaches and how to build out a mentoring program where employees who advance their commitment and adoption can become mentors of others to coach/train — reference Chapter 5 of The Most Powerful Brand on Earth.

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