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Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Employee Advocacy, Social Business | 0 comments

A social business drives employee engagement across the social web

Social media has changed the way people connect, interact and form relationships. We now have the ability to easily share our opinions and engage in dialogue with knowledgeable network connections, anytime of day, anywhere in the world. In a social business, value in social media is dependent upon the people who share and tell your company story.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.52.52 PM“In a social enterprise,” says GinniRometty, CEO of IBM … “your value is established not by how much knowledge you amass, but by how much knowledge you impart on others.”


Employee engagement in online activities and conversations with thought leaders will allow you to impart valuable knowledge to the global community and contribute to the business goals.

Competitive advantage, in this exciting new world, is afforded to the organizations that not only make use of social tools and networks but also equips employees to share their knowledge and authentic voices. Engaged employees building relationships with others, helping them by sharing their knowledge and expertise on industry trends, emerging technology, or even economic trends through social networking, are key attributes of a truly social business.

A conduit between internal and external influencers, employees can take an active role in shaping how the public interacts with a company, brand properties and communities across the social web. The use of key social marketing strategies to activate employee experts and initiate conversations around key imperatives will separate leaders from the pack.

What are you doing to equip your employees to take part, share knowledge and offer their authentic voice?

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