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2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders, EKaterina Walter

Three ways to beat the tragedy of the digital commons, BtoB Online – Author: Ethan McCarty

Employee Advocacy: Kevin Hunt weighs in on the social movement for Brands, Author: Kevin Hunt, Social Media Manager for Global Communications at General Mills.

Want to find brand ambassadors? Start with your employees., Author: EKaterina Walter, CMO Branderati

Exclusive Interview – Susan Emerick & Chris Boudreaux on The Most Powerful Brand On Earth, Greg Gerik, Social Media Leader 3M

Forbes: Want To Find Brand Ambassadors? Start With Your Employees, Forbes Contributing Author: EKaterina Walter

The Social Enterprise: Lessons on Content, Internal Advocacy and the Human Element from IBM’s Susan Emerick Content, Profits and Internal (Employee) Advocacy

BlogTalkRadio’s Kathy Klotz-Guest @kathyklotzguest chats with Susan Emerick @sfemerick from IBM. They discuss content, employee advocates and to how balance marketing as both art and science. IBM has more internal employee bloggers/champions than any company around. How has IBM been able to scale relationships? It’s not just with technology. IBM has grown by being open, decentralizing content creation and trusting (and empowering) passionate employees to carry the torch. Take a listen.

Scott Laningham @scottlaningham sat down at SXSWi 2013 with Susan Emerick @sfemerick and Chris Boudreaux @cboudreaux, co-authors of The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media. Susan and Chris are social strategists/leaders, at IBM and Accenture respectively, and bring a wealth of experience and insight to the conversation on where the rubber meets the road in social business. Here’s your chance to hear a bit more about their first book.

Top B2B Marketing Trends of 2013

For B2B marketers, two truths exist: Content remains king and measurement is critical. However, what other trends will dominate in 2013? Marketing leaders including: David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist, Hubspot Advisor, Mark Wilson, CMO, Avaya, Susan Emerick, Manager, Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs, IBM share their views and predictions. You can listen to the on-demand Google+ Hangout hosted by Ellis Booker, Community Editor, Information Week, which was recorded on January 9, 2013.

The most underestimated social media asset

Your employees are the most valuable assets your brand has in forging social media connections. Learn how to inspire and enable your workforce.
Lori Luechtefeld, Editor, iMedia Connection interviews Susan Emerick, Global Digital & Social Influence Strategist, IBM and Chris Boudreaux, SVP of management consulting at Converseon

Article Highlights:

  • Your team can be a very efficient and effective place to focus your energy for social media marketing
  • IBM continually refines its methods for online discourse and social computing to empower its employees
  • This is the opportunity of a lifetime for most marketers — to be the catalyst and leader of true business transformation across their organization