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Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

With every ending, there is a new beginning

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today is my last day with IBM. It is with deep gratitude that I reflect on my 18 years of service. Over these years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with you! The people across the globe who make IBM a great company. During this time I’ve personally learned, lived by and held dear our IBM values.¬†IBM

I’ve had the amazing opportunity as a “professional hire” to build the capabilities of what was our “Integrated Marketing & Communications (IMC)” organization. Then in 1998, transition into all things digital, affording me the chance to “restlessly reinvent” my skills while successfully propelling IBM into the internet era. What a journey it’s been! From launching, multiple global industry sites, advancing the STG Digital & Social Strategy, announcing the historical moment when Watson on Power 7 won Jeopardy, conducting the first Social Listening Study and founding the Social Insights Practice in partnership with MDI, introducing Smarter Planet, celebrating our Centennial, launching IBM Connections while creating some of the first communities which are still thriving, welcoming our first Female CEO, establishing the M&C Labs, leading the advancement of our enterprise digital and social media strategy, governance & policies, scaling innovative programs like Digital IBMer Hub, Forward Thinkers, IBM Select (Social Eminence and Employee Advocacy), and last but not least leading the development of our Influencer Engagement Discipline. What an incredible journey, truly I’m proud to be an IBMer!

So … what’s on the other side? you might be wondering. I’m planning to launch a new business venture, providing strategic advisory services. Once my light on Sametime goes out, I’ll be just a click away, so please keep in touch.

Twitter @sfemerick
Join me at the Employee Advocacy Summit, September 15th in Atlanta

Thank you for your collaboration and partnership all these years!


  1. Susan,

    It has been a pleasure! I will miss your calm voice and sharp insights.

    You are one of the IBMers who made up my composite image of the brand–not an eight-bar logo, but a mosaic of the faces of IBMers, like a pointillist painting where every picture is a point of color in a giant mosaic. The new mosaic seems rather darker and cooler without your picture to brighten the painting. The new painting has a shadow where there once was a point of vibrant light.

    I will always consider you my friend and colleague. I hope to continue to collaborate with you on the other side.

    Kind regards,


    • James, what a thoughtful and compelling visual depiction of our work together. It truly is about the people and the talent they each contribute, this is what great companies and great brands are made of! It’s been such a pleasure working with you. You are a forward thinker in your own right and have done so much to share your knowledge and expertise in search with not only IBMers but also the world. I just know we’ll remain close and continue to work together! Press ON

  2. Best of luck Susan with this new exciting chapter. I’ve no doubt it will be a great success.

  3. As I’ve said before, it’s has been a great journey together and you’ve been an amazing partner. It’s very difficult leaping into the unknown but once one does it, rarely is there a regret. Life should be nothing of not passionate and exhilarating. Congrats! And I’m sure it’s not the c

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