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Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Employee Advocacy, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Increasing social proficiency to build influence

Developing the Social Influence Plan
The foundation of a successful social media marketing engagement strategy is dependent on recruiting the right subject matter experts (SMEs) and each individual’s commitment to participate in sustained on-line engagement for the long term to achieve the program objectives. When building relationships, online or off, each of us is inherently different and therefore our participation is unique. While there are various techniques that lend themselves effectively to building social influence, there isn’t a guide book or manual that works for everyone.

Committed SMEs tend to be early adopters that experiment to find what works for them. However, not every one is an early adopter, and even those who are would benefit from enablement support. This is why I’m currently piloting a “Social Eminence Program”, to help SMEs utilize their time more efficiently where it will drive desired outcomes.

Start by gathering input
Realizing that not every approach will work for every person, I’m starting by taking the time to get to know the SMEs through a thorough assessment of their digital footprint, eco-system of connections and researching how they currently communicate in social. By evaluating these activities and those of similar personalities within the same area of expertise, plus utilizing insights from social research, you can help SMEs set priorities.

Building on-line relationships takes time and effort

Increasing social proficiency drives influence

Social engagement progression path

Build a social influence roadmap
With this baseline of understanding, you’re on your way to providing recommendations and tips on the best approaches to reach key influencers, engage more effectively and build stronger relationships. Provide SME’s social intelligence to help them focus their engagement where relevant conversations are happening, in venues of most important, and which key mavens they should connect and nurture relationships with.

Recommendations should be designed to help them prioritize and evolve current behaviors, approaches and tools that they’re using. Doing so will assist them in achieving the ultimate goal of building influence over time.

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