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A new beginning: Launching Brands Rising

A new beginning: Launching Brands Rising

There has never been a more a more exciting yet terrifying time in my life. As you may know, I recently made a leap into becoming an Entrepreneur after an incredibly fulfilling career with IBM. Yes, on the road to reinvention, a huge step or perhaps a better word is ‘risk’ for sure, but one that after much soul searching and contemplation, I felt I would regret if I didn’t give it a go.

I’ve joined forces with a long time IBM colleague, Jeanne Murray. The new venture is called Brands Rising and we’re open for business!  We are strategic advisors to companies building employee advocacy programs in social media. We specialize in helping companies develop program strategy, training curricula, and business intelligence and measurement frameworks. We’re skilled at working with brand leaders no matter what stage of the maturity curve they’re in to deploy employee advocacy programs that drive business value at scale.

These links on our website have more details about what we do and who we are, but in a nutshell:

We know how to help companies impact the bottom line through social media engagement. We have experience, we’ve learned from success (and mistakes), and we are laser-focused on business results.

But nothing speaks louder than when others speak out on your behalf! Jeanne and I were both humbled by this post from Greg Gerik who shares his views on our new business.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with leaders who have a vision – like we do – of satisfied customers, shared expertise, and a network of people who learn from each other.

Let’s get started!

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  1. One good opportunity that has the skills and talents that are needed.

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