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A Retrospective: IBM’s Enterprise Social Strategy

A Retrospective: IBM’s Enterprise Social Strategy

On this day, you’ll see lots of “best/worst of” lists about Social Media and Social Business trends. I’m proud of the pioneering work my team at IBM has led not only in 2013, but for the last 10! That’s right, we’ve been pioneering our leadership position for many years and have made significant progress while learning from our mistakes to course correct. In the spirit of celebrating the close of 2013, this is a simplified visualization of IBM’s Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs milestones over the last 10 yrs. (2003-2013).

Categories of work include:
– Strategy
– Research & analysis
– Governance
– Activation
These categories of work are then mapped to 4 Maturity stages, depicted at the bottom, advancing from left to right:
Ad-hoc experimentation / discovery (2003-2009)
Sponsored exploration (2009-2010)
Business unit engagement (2011-2012)
Enterprise engagement (2012-2013)


I’m happy to say I’ve been a part of this journey each step of the way and was able to document the milestones & stages of maturity, acting as an archivist, along with a few of my colleagues especially: Ethan McCarty, George Faulkner, Josh Scribner, Bill Chamberlin & Amy Laine

Cheers to progress & innovation! Wishing all continued success as you strive to move your companies forward in 2014 and beyond.

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